NEWS: Lucifer Release New Track “Faux Pharaoh”, Tease New Album

Lucifer have finally released their long-awaited new single! The Swedish trio are one of my favorite doom rock bands; they impressed me with the retro feel on their Lucifer I album. Now, Lucifer II approaches us it seems, for the band is stating that it’s due sometime in spring of 2018, which is soon! They have jointly released the first single from it, “Faux Pharaoh”, which you can listen to here:

It’s pretty evident that Lucifer are leaning a bit harder into their retro rock side here. The doom is still there, though, especially in the introduction of the track. The production is also a little clearer, with less reverb on Johanna Sadonis’ vocals and the instruments sounding less buried, while still retaining those sweet old-school tones and occult lyrics. If you like the way bands like Elder and Electric Wizard sound, you should enjoy this! The band says ‘things might get a whole lot weirder and wilder come January‘. Hmm, another new single? I’m excited to see what their new work brings!

Lucifer can be found on FacebookTwitter and their newly opened Bandcamp page where you can purchase “Faux Pharaoh” and support the band. I also strongly recommend checking out their first album which was a highlight of 2015.

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1 Comment

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