NEWS: Martyr Defiled To Disband After Playing Two Final Tours

Sad news for Martyr Defiled fans today, as the Lincolnshire deathcore quintet officially announce near-future plans to break up following two final tours, the details of which are supposedly on the way. This may well come as a shock to followers of the band, particularly as they released their fourth full-length effort Young Gods just five months ago. In addition, the England-based outfit have recently made live appearances including a slot at UK Tech-Festwhich perhaps suggested at the time that they were making somewhat of a ‘comeback’ within the scene.

Following the announcement, an official statement was released on behalf of the entire band, in which they stated that ‘after 10 amazing years, we have decided to call an end to Martyr Defiled‘, and further explaining that ‘this is a decision that has taken a lot of soul-searching and heartfelt conversations to come to, but as a group of people we’ve come to the conclusion that as we’ve grown up we’re able to dedicate less and less time to the band; much less than it deserves, and infinitely less than you deserve.‘ Overall, an understandable sentiment from the band.

Once again, Martyr Defiled have accumulated a back-catalogue of four full-length albums: Collusion, In Shadows, No Hope No Morality, and finally the recently released Young Gods. Via the link below you can find the music video for the song “At The Throne Of Salem”, which was the lead single from their latest effort.

As mentioned before, the band have also stated that they will perform two final tours before they officially depart from the music scene: one to celebrate a decade since their first practise, and one to celebrate a decade since their first show. Details of this are, according to the band, due to follow in the next few weeks, so make sure to follow the Martyr Defiled on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all the latest.

In addition, a selection of the band’s merch and material is still available, and can be browsed here.

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