NEWS: Mastodon Detail “Cold Dark Place”

Apparently releasing a new video and appearing in the finale of the latest season of Game of Thrones wasn’t enough, as prog metal heavy hitters Mastodon recently unveiled that they would be releasing another new EP before the end of the year. Despite Emperor of Sand being dropped only half a year ago, the Atlanta-based group plan on gifting the world with a follow-up, Cold Dark Place, on September 22nd. Since then, they have now detailed the album with a full tracklist and behind the scenes video (courtesy of Revolver Magazine) on the album’s darkly evocative artwork. Prior to the latest developments, the album was expected to be released as a solo piece from guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds.

Hinds himself commented on the record by saying, ‘[it’s] pretty dark, beautiful, spooky, funky, ethereal, melancholy music, which also sounds like the Bee Gees a little bit.‘ Three of the tracks come from the sessions that took place when recording 2014’s Once More ‘Round the Sun, with the final one, “Toe to Toes,” coming from Emperor of Sand‘s. When the pre-orders go live (which should be soon given how soon the full release is), you’ll be able to download “Toe to Toes” to enjoy immediately. See the album artwork and tracklist below:


1. North Side Star
2. Blue Walsh
3. Toe to Toes
4. Cold Dark Place

You can follow the release of Cold Dark Place or keep up to date with Mastodon news through their Official Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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