NEWS: Mastodon Share Third Single “Andromeda”

And again, there is new music that just waits for you to listen to! Today, we are giving you a new piece off of Mastodon‘s upcoming record Emperor Of Sand. We already got two other singles over the last few weeks: “Show Yourself”, a pretty catchy and poppy ballad song, and “Sultan’s Curse”. Both diverse, both absolutely convincing. And the good news is: the record is right around the corner! It is going to be released on March 31st!


Starting off heavy, with a pretty The Dillinger Escape Plan-esque attitude, “Andromeda” stands out with very melodic singing, as to be found in the catchy chorus; on the other hand, the typical sludgy Mastodon sound we all know and love is very present.

Again, Mastodon are teasing us for their upcoming record Empire Of Sand, and all three singles have been special in their very own way so far. This is a record to look forward to! Long-time fans of the band or fans of Dillinger‘s slower songs like “Widower” or “One Of Us Is The Killer” will absolutely love it!


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