NEWS: Mastodon Release Video For “Show Yourself”

No, we are not stoked enough already for the new Mastodon record that comes out March 31st. And no, the songs already released are not enough! So I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news: Mastodon released a new video for their single “Show Yourself”. The bad news: we already know that song…

As we originally reported on “Show Yourself”, it:

‘[…] sounds different indeed. The song still has the band’s unique sludge-ish sound, but this time around, it’s more of a hard rock song. Catchy, poppy and able to stay stuck in your heads for days on end! The song has a very pushing drive and might just be able to replace your energy drink today!’

The video shows an old man ‘running’ away from the grim reaper and showing him the middle finger. Said reaper basically works at a company as the bringer of death, but has a very bad day at work; besides that, he is not even the only bringer of death! Coming home from his hard day’s work, he gets into trouble with his wife. This is where the story begins and the reaper’s boss picks the people to kill. And for sure it’s Mastodon!

We won’t tell you the whole story, so go for it and watch the video! It is quite entertaining and Mastodon further prove their humoristic touch!

Mark your calendars gents! March 31st is the day!

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