NEWS: Ne Obliviscaris Release “Urn (Part II): As Embers Dance In Our Eyes”

And here we go with the second part of Ne Obliviscaris‘ title track of the upcoming record Urn. The record, which is going to be released on October 27th via Season Of Mist, will be the follow-up for 2014’s Citadel; hence it’s obvious how hotly this record is anticipated.

Listen to Urn (Part II) below!

“Urn (Part II): As Embers Dance In Our Eyes” is more of a slow-paced death metal song that features the common NeO elements. Scratching violin sounds deliver a very depressing and horrifying vibe, while the riffing shows the band’s of death metal influences. The vocals sound very harsh again, until the very patient and almost shy clean vocals come in. Compared to the first single (“Intra Venus”) off Urn, this song is not as spectacular at all; the most astounding component might be the guitar solo at the very ending of the song.

Together with the first part “Urn (Part I): And Within The Void We Are Breathless” (more on this here), the title track reaches a total of more than 13 minutes. While its beginning was more of a shreddy song, the second part definitely has more depth. Besides the fact that it’s not only closing the song, it’s also the records ending, which might leave you a little dissatisfied. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, but it just doesn’t seem like an ending at all. Still: mark your calendars for October 27th and make sure to keep an eye on Ne Obliviscaris!

The album can be pre-ordered, either via the band-store (Australia/US) or Season of Mist‘s shop. To keep up with the band’s latest updates, you can follow them on Facebook or support their endeavour via Patreon.

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