NEWS: New Names Announced For Brutal Assault

Summer is closing up on central Europe, and so the festival line-ups are filling more and more. Already having announced 130 bands, there’s still a little to go until Brutal Assault, but in the meantime, why not check out the new acts that were just announced?

New additions

Broken Teeth and The Simpsons-derived hardcore legends Evergreen Terrace will be delivering some upbeats; Dutch death metal gem Ulsect will be on the bill as well. Most exciting might be the announcement of It Djents‘ current AOTY-contender #1: Rolo Tomassi. Their new record Love Will Die And Time Will Bury It being out now, they gained very good scores across the board, with some calling it their career’s peak. Another thrilling addition to the line-up are the prog metal veterans around Mr. Gildenlöw, Pain Of Salvation. Other than that, Green Carnation, Jasad, Laibach, Messiah, Misthyrming, Nervochaos, Shelter, Steve ‘N’ Seagulls, and Wisdom in Chains were also announced.

As we somehow missed an earlier line-up addition, we’d like to inform you that metal veterans Sepultura, the great post black metal outfit Harakiri For The Sky, and a very known name in Danzig have joined the bill, as well as Abysmal Grief, Aura Noir, Coffins, Hypnos, Insanity Alert, Jasta and Uncured. These are all the new names to be found on the billing of Brutal Assault 2018.

They all join the following bands:

Marduk, Bölzer, Mortiis, Belphegor, Malokarpatan, Arkhon Infaustus, Wrathprayer, Cruachan,GojiraTerrorWiegedoodAct Of DefianceArmored SaintAzarathBrujeriaDragged Into SunlightGraveyardIntegrityPainAngelmakerThe Black Dahlia MurderBehemothAt The GatesIhsahnDead CongregationCarpathian ForestKorokumaObscure SphinxNovembers DoomPestilencePillorianProtectorMisery IndexSadistic IntentHiraxDiablo Swing OrchestraMinistryNorthlaneCounterpartsHateDying FetusNastySaint VitusBlood IncantationOriginBroken HopeAluk TodoloWhoredom FireCelesteDodecahedronExhorderFull Of HellGrave PleasuresParadise LostPliniNeocaesarNocturnus AdUnleashedUnsanePerturbator, Cannibal Corpse, Akercocke, Myrkur, Pallbearer, H20, Bleed From Within, Horskh, E-Force, Lvmen, Helmet.

Tickets are on sale on the festival’s website. Make sure to follow Brutal Assault on Facebook!

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