NEWS: Nickelback Released A New Song And It Djents!

Well, if someone would’ve told me this morning that we were going to cover Nickelback today… I would’ve probably said, “Hell no!” But here we are! After a little discussion, doubtful thoughts and facepalms within the editorial team, we took a listen and…. we liked what we heard, surprisingly!

Nickelback are not known for being the most beloved band within the prog community, or even being in the prog community. The Canadian band that started in the mid nineties made its way to become one of the most popular rock bands on Earth. With their latest releases, their focus leaned more and more towards pop music: Catchy, easy listening that you can easily put on every radio channel. But what happened? Nickelback just released their new single “Feed The Machine” with a lyric video. And the result? A catchy, slightly progressive sounding rock song, that even features some metallic elements! Imagine a mix of soft Haken, mixed with Bullet For My Valentine-ish riffing and a decent touch of prog rock à la Dead Letter Circus. Combine it with old-school Nickelback and singer Chad Kroeger’s voice. The result you get is “Feed The Machine”, the title track of the band’s upcoming full-length.

The new Nickelback record will be titled Feed The Machine and is going to be released on June 9th! If the whole record is going to sound like this first single, we may need to find a new band to make memes of! At first, this might sound like a bad joke, but I highly recommend you to listen to this song. It’s totally worth a spin, and it probably won’t be the last one! You are not dreaming!

You can follow Nickelback on Facebook! You can pre-order Feed The Machine here!


*DISCLAIMER – This is not a joke!*

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