NEWS: Night Verses Are Reborn With “Phoenix IV: Levitation”, New Album Details

Night Verses are an interesting band. The LA group made a name for themselves with a post-hardcore sound that experimented with more technically challenging elements and the occasional post-rock vibe. Now, they are short a vocalist by design and are a strictly instrumental affair. At first, you, like me, might have thought ‘huh?‘ upon hearing that, but then they released a preview EP of three tracks at the beginning of this year and it went hard as hell. We touched on it a bit in our Review Rundown feature. Today, we get more details on their upcoming album which is called From the Gallery of Sleep which releases June 29. We also get a listen to the first proper single from the album called “Phoenix IV: Levitation”. Check it out!

Clearly, this is the fourth installment of their “Phoenix” tracks that have spanned across their other two albums. These tracks are typically the longest ones on their respective albums and are the most entertaining, expansive and experimental. This one appears to be no deviation from that trend. A burst-fired synth creeps in before drums and guitars crash through the wall of the mix. The drums keep up the rhythm set by the synths, guitars whine like lost and vengeful ghosts, the bass buzz is weighty and provides a nice cruise to the track throughout its runtime. Post-rock flair and ambient elements separate the song’s furious refrains and makes for a full-bodied listening experience. A bold, progressive effort from the band.

This coupled with the three tracks on the Copper Wasp EP seem to give us a fuller picture of what to expect from the new, vocalless Night Verses. And how fitting for the lead single of From the Gallery of Sleep be named after a mythical bird known for miraculous resurrection. Drummer Aric Improta says ‘Even though it’s a pretty on-the-nose analogy, we always use the “Phoenix” songs on each album as an attempt to raise the bar for ourselves musically. We usually try and include all of our favorite ideas and most challenging passages in that one song. It also acts a personal time capsule, reminding us of what our peak level of musicality was during that cycle’. With a song this good, this little birdie can fly as high as it wants; I am hype for what is to come from the trio.

Shoot on over to Night VersesFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and official site to see what they’re up to, including an upcoming US tour! Preorder From the Gallery of Sleep a number of ways through this handy link.

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