NEWS: Nordic Giants Announce Release Date For “Amplify Human Vibration”

UK-based cinematic post rock duo Nordic Giants have announced the release date for their sophomore album. The follow-up to 2015’s A Seance of Dard Delusions, entitled Amplify Human Vibration, will be out on October 20, most likely via Kscope. This is only the set date for the release of the soundtrack portion of the project, mind you – no information is available yet on when the documentary (for which the album is intended as a soundtrack) will see the light of day.

You can find the artwork for Amplify Human Vibration (created by Brainfeeder artist beeple) as well as a trailer Nordic Giants released back in June, below:

A man of steel, buried halfway in the Earth’s soil

The artwork, while presenting some nice, cryptic visuals, doesn’t allow for any speculations on the album’s musical content; at the very least, the detailed human sculpture made of metal, standing in a grassy plain, reflecting the sunlight, is very easy on the eyes. The band themselves had the following to say about the music on Amplify Human Vibration in a statement they posted on Facebook a few weeks ago:

‘We had the first full listen last night and musical it’s quite a journey! featuring some big hard hitting tracks, riffs that will sink deep into your sub conscious, thought provoking speech samples – questioning the nature of our reality and beyond – plus some ambient synth based tracks which will hopefully send you into a state of euphoria before hitting you with a wall of sound!’

Which is still a bit vague, but it nevertheless whets the listener’s appetite for what’s to come! At least it did for me.

Nordic Giants promised further updates on the documentary and tour dates accompanying the project’s release, so make sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date! Furthermore, the band will appear at this year’s edition of the ArcTangent festival, playing the opening day (Thursday, August 17); if you’re planning on attending, please do check them out – their live shows are always stunning and very worth your time!


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