NEWS: Nordic Giants Release First Single Off “Amplify Human Vibration”

Good news for fans of quality post-rock! Enigmatic UK two-piece Nordic Giants just released the first single off their upcoming record Amplify Human Vibration, due out on October 20. The song is called “Taxonomy of Illusions”, and you can check it out by clicking on the video below.

“Taxonomy of Illusions”…

…is a six-and-a-half-minute, mostly instrumental post-rock affair, albeit with a little twist; one that Nordic Giants have already used to their advantage a few times over the course of their previous releases: spoken word passages. Those are taken from a speech of Terence McKenna, an American ethnobiologist and author (among other, more controversial occupations), in which he delivers the titular taxonomy of everyday human illusions. I won’t go into detail here and spoil the experience, but his words are definitely food for thought.

Here’s what the band themselves have to say about the sections in question:

Terence McKenna’s speech highlights some of the great illusions most of us have unwillingly accepted as our reality but also how we can empower ourselves and step out from this illusion/delusion we are living in.

The music itself should come as no surprise to anyone who followed Nordic Giants for a while now. It’s cinematic and broad in scope, building on both distorted and clean guitars, bustling piano and elements of ambient electronic music. There’s a lot going on drumming-wise, as the beat is quite busy and energetic. Towards the end, we are also treated to some Sigur Rós-ian pomp with the addition of horns and strings.

Through the combination of the message of the words spoken and the gravitas of the music played, “Taxonomy of Illusion” presents a very positive outlook on Amplify Human Vibration; I for one can’t wait to hear what the rest of the album sounds like after having heard this single.

Furthermore, the band will embark on a European tour from October 31 to December 16. You can find the dates on the poster below.

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