NEWS: Nordic Giants Release Second Single Off Their Upcoming Album

The release of their second full-length album Amplify Human Vibration is almost upon us (only nine more days to go!), and today, UK cinematic post-rock enigmas Nordic Giants have unveiled a second single off said record! It is called “Immortal Elements”, and you can check it out below:

“Immortal Elements”…

…starts off with ambient electronic elements, gradually building with layers of percussion and melodic synth work. The song has a wave-like dynamic to it, swelling to melodious grandeur and then collapsing to background ambiance. It’s way more electronica-oriented than anything Nordic Giants have released before, but I can definitely see it working within the context of their new album. We’ll have to see what Amplify Human Vibration has in store for us to make a conclusive statement on that, though.

Once again, the music is accompanied by a spoken word element, this time taken from Native American author, poet and political activist John Trudell. Here’s what Nordic Giants themselves said about his ‘contribution’ in their Facebook post:

‘This time it’s John Trudell who will permeate your thoughts, reminding us that we are all still an extension of this beautiful Earth and we are so powerful when we all unite together as one!’

The band members obviously have more to say than just what’s conveyed in their music, and so it’snice to see them integrate the work of radical thinkers into their own work from time to time. Beyond that, though, the music itself ismore than strong enough to intrigue on its own, so you know that these messages aren’t just a disguise for bad compositions.

Amplify Human Vibration drops on October 20; you can still pre-order it here. Follow Nordic Giants on Facebook, and check out the album’s first single “Taxonomy of Illusions” by following this link. They will be touring in support of the album later this year, and you can find the dates in the aforementioned article as well.

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