NEWS: Northlane Release New Single “Citizen”

Only ten days after they released a mysterious video called “Mesmer”, we now got a new Northlane single out of nowhere?! In case you missed it: “Mesmer” is a video featuring very ambient sounds and some clean singing over those, surely by none other than Marcus Bridge. But what is it actually? A single? That would mark an immense change in the style and sound of Northlane! So maybe it is a teaser? A teaser for what? Questions upon questions!

But for now, we got something else to discuss: a proper song called “Citizen”. It is not the only new single of the Australiens in Northlane, as earlier this year, we already got to hear one with “Intuition”.


Speaking of this song, it directly follows in the footsteps of the band’s latest record Node. “Citizen” is catchy, slow-paced and overall more rock than metal. Still having a somewhat reminiscent prog influence, Northlane kinda deliver a sound more similar to what fellow Australians Karnivool or Dead Letter Circus do this time around. Some TesseracT vibes might be found in this one as well. Fans of Discoveries will have to admit that said record’s sound probably won’t be coming back.

Since this is the second new song we get from Northlane this year, we can hopefully expect more in the future! Maybe the band is about to announce a release date for an upcoming record that might not be too far away!

The accompanying music video itself is a performance video, which works with some visual effects. Nothing all too special, but definitely serving its purpose by setting the proper mood. It was done by Jason Eshraghian, who also did the video for “Intuition” in addition to being the director for “Mesmer”.

Let’s see where this is going! “Intuition” was more of a djenty, straightforward track, and we now got this slower ambient one with “Citizen”. You can follow this link, which was featured on a picture on Northlane‘s Facebook page. There you can sign up for something; probably a newsletter? We do not know…

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