NEWS: Northlane Release New Video For “Colourwave”

Have you all had a nice sunday morning? Great, and it’s only geting better! Australia’s Northlane just launched a new music video for their song “Colourwave”, the second track off this year’s surprise release Mesmer. Watch the video below:

The video shows the band performing while being painted in flourescent colors under blacklight. This ends up in a somewhat trippy, almost psychedelic visual experience that matches the ambient sound of the band’s new record Mesmer. The song itself stands out with its very catchy chorus. Even though it isn’t a very heavy track, it features some heavy riffing in the mid-section. The overall performance of Marcus Bridge on shouts and clean vocals lifts this track to its high level.

I am what I create

Especially this phrase is able to stay in mind, and stands out as the song’s inner climax. In the end of the video it starts raining, washing all colors off the musicians; a nice effect that fits with not only the visuals but also the story part of this video. The FX’s and editing process used look like they took a lot of work, and that truly pays off.

Here is what our writer Josh Redmond thought about Northlane‘s new record Mesmer:

It’s not all good though, I feel that some of the choices regarding the production of the record have done something to reduce the punchiness which we’ve all come to know and love in Northlane‘s music, and the synth use definitely could have been used better. It’s not as groundbreaking as Node, not as heavy as Discoveries, and not as unique as Singularity, but Mesmer has its own sound and enough new ideas to keep the listener entertained. It’s just a shame it doesn’t quite live up to its potential.

You can read the full review by clicking here! Make sure to follow Northlane on their Facebook page!

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