NEWS: Nothing Unveil New Single And Announce New Album

I’m finding it really, really, really hard to contain my excitement right now. Why? Because Nothing, perhaps the best shoegaze band around theses days, have dropped two massive pieces of news just now of course! Only two years after their ridiculously awesome sophomore release Tired of Tomorrow, they’ll be putting out a follow-up called Dance On The Blacktop on August 24. And as if that alone wasn’t reason enough to get excited, they’ve also unveiled a new single to go with the announcement of their new album. It’s called “Zero Day”, and you can (read: MUST) check it out below:

“Zero Day”…

…sees the band somehow double down on the ‘gaze’ even more than ever before; something I never even thought feasible until now. The song has everything to make Nothing‘s fans salivate: massive, noisy riffs with copious amounts of distortion, languid melodies, and wonderfully harmonized vocals. It’s consistent with the band’s previous material, but still sees them refine it in subtle and engaging ways. As a first taste of the new album, “Zero Day” sure does a fantastic job of grabbing the listener’s interest!

I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention the song’s music video. It features the band members as pallbearers, first carrying a casket through an urban landscape, and then amidst a lavish funeral procession, complete with dancers, a marching band, and tons of confetti. And who’s in the coffin, you ask? Well, lead singer/guitarist Domenic Palermo of course! Wait, isn’t he also one of the pallbearers? Confusing! Anyway, he’s waring a rather swish suit in there, delivering the song’s vocals despite his mouth being ‘sewn shut’. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a music video as stylistically engaging and fun as this one, so it definitely stands out. The celebratory tone of the video is actually matched somewhat in the music itself, so this may be the band hinting at a more positive outlook on life after their two very sarcastic and pessimistic previous albums.

Dance On The Blacktop

Which isn’t true. They’re still every bit as negative as always, just a bit more enlightened, and willing to ‘bask in the absurdity of it all.‘ As Palermo himself puts it: ‘The amount of difficulty a person faces when attempting to close the door on all sense, meaning, or value when thinking on our existence is hard to put in words, but to me it has always been the latter. I’ve laid awake countless nights contemplating human life, its hostile uselessness, and why I’m one of the few who choose to see it that way yet manage to move onward. So I suppose in that sense “Zero Day” is a song of paradoxical enlightenment.‘ Plus, he’s been diagnosed with CTE recently, aside from dealing with ongoing mental health issues; both experiences which found their way onto Dancing On The Blacktop, written by the band in a tiny NYC apartment and recorded at Dreamland Studios with John Agnello. The record was named after a prison slang for a fight or hit during outside recreation Palermo first found in the works of Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim.

Oh, and here’s the record’s artwork and track listing by the way:

1 – Zero Day
2 – Blue Line Baby
3 – You Wind Me Up
4 – Plastic Migraine
5 – Us/We/Are
6 – Hail On Palace Pier
7 – I Hate The Flowers
8 – The Carpenters Son
9 – (HOPE) Is Just Another Word With A Hole In It

If you want even more background to the upcoming Dance On The Blacktop, make sure to swing by our colleagues over at Stereogum, who ran a very nice feature for its announcement. Just follow this link. Make sure to follow Nothing on Facebook for future updates regarding singles, tours et cetera, and if you want, you can pre-order the album over at their label Relapse Recordswebshop.

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