NEWS: Obscura Release New Song

Our favorite German tech-death outfit (besides Necrophagist of course) has come forth with a new smasher. “Diluvium” is the title of the five minute-long track Obscura have released through Relapse Records today. With this they are teasing their new album of the same name, which is due to come out on the 13th of July.

Graced with a beautiful monochrome video, the track starts on the glassy arpeggios that we all came to love from the band. A quick staccato tremolo-picked line interrupts the flourishing harmony before it continues like nothing has happened. But of course this isn’t the last time you hear staccato in here; in best tech-death etiquette, they blast away full on with diminished riffs and Linus Klauenitzer‘s fantastic, almost horn-like bass work. Meanwhile, the video explores cosmic deities, space, and gorgeous shots of the band in black and white. As always, the guitar solo is highly technically proficient yet melodic and even a tad bit groovy. The chord progression starting at around three minutes in especially caught my attention. The band slowly yet confidently makes their way unto the end of the track in a very gloomy manner which reminded me of Alklaloid-esque darkened melodies.

You can find Obscura on Facebook, and in case you haven’t already, go ahead and check out some of their past material over on their Bandcamp page. Are you looking forward to Diluvium after this single? Let us know in the comments!

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