NEWS: Orphaned Land Detail New Album “Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs” Releasing January 2018

Self-proclaimed pioneers of Oriental metal, Orphaned Land have announced the first details of the long-awaited follow-up to their 2013 album, All is One. This new album will be called Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs and will be released early next year on January 26, 2018 on Century Media Records!

Frontman Kobi Farhi gave us a small taste of what to expect on this new album:

‘Our music has always been a combination of anger, tragedy, protest and joy. We can’t wait for you to hear the 13 brand new tracks of this album. As always it will be very eclectic, no song sounds like the other and the whole album is a one big musical journey. We feel that this album takes our feelings to a new level of anger, protest and tragedy. The cover speaks for itself and it was made as tribute to the way governments design their money.’

Speaking of the cover, it is very busy, but it’s easy to see the references to currency design. This is without a doubt their most thought-provoking and upfront cover art to date depicting guns, bullets, the all-seeing Eye of Providence, flames transposed over a globe of Earth, etc. The Israeli band’s music has always carried a message in it, and this album looks to be no different.

Farhi also said we can expect a couple vocal guests from none other than Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian and Tomas Lindberg of At The Gates. I don’t know about you, but I’m very interested in seeing how that plays out! As you’ve probably guessed by now, no, the band has not yet released a single or any actual music teases for this album, but I suspect that will come in due time with the album releasing nearly two months from now. Instead, I’ll close this article out with one of my favorite tracks of theirs from one of my favorite concept albums of all time.

Orphaned Land can be followed on Facebook and Twitter. Preorder a signed copy of Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs through their official store!

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