NEWS: Orphaned Land Release Lyric Video For “We Do Not Resist”

Israeli folk metal band Orphaned Land are back with a new album dropping on January 26. It’s called Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs and in order to satiate the appetite of their fans, the folk metal band have released a lyric video for what is probably their hardest song to date, “We Do Not Resist”. Check it out:

Orphaned Land have always held high a message of unity and peace, but this video and song shows a very clear disdain for oppression, greed, injustice and promoting resistance against those things. The band definitely seeks to make a statement with the video lyrically and visually, but sonically as well. Singer Kobi Farhi uses his growled vocals throughout nearly the whole song, more than usual for the band. This is also, to my knowledge, the first time the band has a song with a cuss word in it (albeit bleeped). The music is heavier than usual with powerful drums and melodic guitar riffing. It retains the Middle Eastern folk elements that the band excels at, but the soul of it is full-on metal. It’s fiery, purposeful, challenging and I love it, a wonderful contrast to the beautiful video for “Like Orpheus” that they released a month ago. If this is any indication of the direction their new album will take, consider me excited!

Orphaned Land can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preorder Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs physically through their official website or digitally on iTunes.

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