NEWS: A Perfect Circle Detail New Album, Drop New Single “TalkTalk”

The day is here. Finally, we get concrete details on A Perfect Circle‘s next big moves. The alternative/progressive rock band has announced the title of their next album, which is Eat the Elephant. It’s dropping on April 20 (haha), and we also get a new song called “TalkTalk”, which you can hear right now!

To be honest, I think A Perfect Circle‘s last three singles have been getting increasingly better. “The Doomed” was all right, “Disillusioned” was a step up, and this new track might be my favorite so far! It’s definitely the most consistently heavy yet, with even the band’s lighter touches still retaining a decidedly rock tone. We even get some nice Maynard James Keenan yells in here for good measure. It’s a solid track!

There’s a whole interview with Keenan and guitarist Billy Howerdel over at Rolling Stone. Some standout bits cover things from the title and theme of the album to recent controversies like cell phone policies at their live shows and, of course, Tool. When pressed on the theme of Eat the Elephant, Keenan gives the most Keenan answer I’ve heard in quite a while:

‘You don’t want to be too topical, because then you date your art. But there’s definitely a lot of iconic things that go on nowadays that are worth mentioning that I feel like we just take as rote, we just accept it like it’s standard. Imagine being cryogenically frozen for 14 years and waking up and going, ‘What are you people doing to your faces? Why are you doing that? You all look like Whoville. You’re not fooling anybody – you don’t look better or younger. You just look different.’ So I guess I just don’t understand.’

And there you go. We won’t have to wait too long to see how this new album turns out. Should be a trip! Along with the title and release date, the album art was also released. It’s the featured image on this article and you likely saw it before you clicked to read. I, uh… regret to inform Keenan that’s not an elephant he’s eating.

Are you hyped for Eat the Elephant? If so, preorder it a number of ways here and follow A Perfect Circle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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