NEWS: Periphery Released A Bunch of Playthroughs For “Marigold” & “Prayer Position”

It’s been exactly a month since djent-giants Periphery released their latest full-length, Periphery III: Select Difficulty (July 22nd, via Century Media), and as the band is cruising through a U.S. tour with SikthCHON Toothgrinder, it has also released a bunch of new playthrough videos to their YouTube channel, wish Misha Mansoor‘s guitar playthrough for “Marigold” being the latest one, following Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood‘s bass & Matt Halpern‘s drums previous uploads for “Prayer Position.”

As mentioned earlier, the band teamed up with SikthCHON Toothgrinder for the ongoing ‘Sonic Unrest Tour’ in the United States, which started on August 4th and due to end on September 1st. It will later on continue to a bunch of concerts in South Africa (September 24th) and Australia February 2nd-9th). You can find full information and purchase tickets here.

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