NEWS: Pig Destroyer To Release “Head Cage” on September 7

Today, the skies above grindcore aficionados once and finally filled with the fetid stench of Pig, specifically, the destroyed kind. Pig Destroyer, The Virginia-based modern masters of the genre have made official the end of all speculation as to when the follow-up to 2012’s brilliant Book Burner will see the light of day. Or, if this trailer is to be believed, when 2018’s Head Cage album will feel the cold despair of darkness that beckons the most unwelcome of internal soul-searching.

Relapse Records were kind enough to tease 21 seconds that only serve to raise the question: what Head Cage will sound like? What we just heard could be the kind of noise that serves as an album’s intro. Or it could be the kind of sickness-inducing ambiance that buttressed their 2004 “Natasha” single. That was a doom/sludge metal song. Pig Destroyer’s 2014 Mass & Volume EP was equally doomy. A song with an unknown title that they premiered at SXSW in 2017 dripped with hate and sludge. Could this be the end of the super-riffy Pig Destroyer that verged into goregrind from six years ago?

No matter what form Head Cage takes, it stands to surpass many “album of the year” prognostications simply for being so anticipated for so long. Meanwhile, their oh-so-patient fans lie waiting, like a Prowler In The Yard, for that September 7 release date to come.

Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer

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1 Comment

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