NEWS: Portico Quartet Readopt Old Moniker, Announce Live Shows

If you remember times before 2015 (which should be a given, but we’re on the Internet here after all), you’ll know that the English ambient/electronic/synthpop group Portico was formerly known as Portico Quartet and played a modern, electronica-influenced version of jazz, akin to bands like GoGo Penguin or Mammal Hands. After the departure of Nick Mulvey, who played the hang and additional percussion, in 2011, however, the three remaining members drastically shifted their musical direction into what can be heard on 2015’s Living Fields.

Alas, that brief period in the band’s history appears to have come to a close for now, as they’ve reinstalled their old Portico Quartet moniker on their social media presence. Along with that, they shared the following enthusiastic, if somewhat brief statement on their decision:

‘Super excited to announce we’re back as Portico Quartet!’

But wait, there’s more! Along with that statement and the promise of even more news, the band announced three live shows, which will take place between June 25 and August 11. You can find the full dates, as well as a short teaser clip, in the original Facebook post embedded below.

We here at It Djents are big fans of Portico Quartet, and even though we enjoyed their forays into electronic music, it’s definitely a pleasure to hear they’re returning to their core jazz sound. The teaser clip meanwhile seems to implicate that there’s a new Portico Quartet record coming in the not too distant future, which comes as no surprise following the series of Facebook posts in the past few months showing the band hard at work in the studio. But it’s good to have a confirmation nonetheless.

No word was said yet about who will actually replace Mulvey (and his subsequent replacement Keir Vine) to once again complete the quartet alongside original members Duncan Bellamy (hang and drums), Milo Fitzpatrick (double bass) and Jack Wyllie (soprano and tenor saxophone), but maybe we’ll get that piece of news in a future update by the band.

Make sure to follow Portico Quartet on Facebook to not miss any important updates on their upcoming new album and possible tours!

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