NEWS: Rolo Tomassi Are Back With A New Song

British mathcore/experimental rock act Rolo Tomassi have treated their fans to the first piece of music since they released their acclaimed album Grievances back in 2015. The band, formed in 2005 around the brother-sister duo of Eva (vocals) and James Spence (vocals, synths) have been at the forefront of the experimental underground scene for years now, delivering four albums’ worth of genre-bending goodness so far. And if “Rituals” is any sign to go by, that streak will definitely not be broken with their new material.

Watch the video for “Rituals” below:

After a decidedly mellow intro, “Rituals” goes straight for the listener’s throat, with Eva Spence’s vehement delivery roaring over synth-enhanced, groovy riffing. Her clean vocals are also used to full effect over a start-stop metalcore section. The overall dynamic between the heavy, earthy guitars and the synthetic ambiance is executed skillfully, showcasing Rolo Tomassi‘s strong sense of coherent songwriting, which has seamlessly brought together elements of jazz, ‘nintendocore’, progressive rock, and myriads of other styles over the course of their splendid discography.

Solid Performance Piece

The accompanying video is ‘only’ a performance shot of the band, but with its toned-down aesthetics and sparse but effectual lighting, it presents a tastefull and fittingly stylized companion piece to the song. It also translates the individual members’ strengths and presence in the live setting into a more isolated setting, albeit without actually conveying the energy they put into their actual performances.

There isn’t an official release date for the as of yet untitled fifth full-length record by Rolo Tomassi yet (although there is an ominous website displaying the words ‘love will bury it’ [click here to see it], so maybe that’s what it will be), so I guess we’ll have to wait for them to throw us some more bits of information in the hopefully not-too-distant future. Make sure to follow the band on Facebook to not miss any important updates!

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1 Comment

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