NEWS: Sandrider “Creep” In On Us With Album Announcement, New Single

Seattle rock trio Sandrider have announced the long-awaited (at least for me) follow-up to their masterful 2013 album Godhead. The new album’s called Armada, and it’s dropping on July 20 via Good to Die Records! They actually announced, or at least teased, the album a little over a week ago on their Facebook page with the title, album art, and release date, but were mum on any new music. Until today, when they dropped “Creep”, an energetic new single! Take a listen:

The band is known for providing stellar, deserty rock with some light punk and noise tinges. This track appears to be no deviation from that winning formula. Jon Weisnewski’s guitar and vocals are wild and filled with life; the drums by Nat Damm drive the track through a sand dune rollercoaster; and Jesse Roberts’ thick bass is groovy and pronounced so nicely in the mix. “Creep”s melodies are catchy, and there’s a nice tonal shift in the middle of the track, but it remains a banging performance throughout its entire runtime with amazing production that complements Sandrider‘s grimy, lively sound. As a fan, I’m ecstatic to hear one of my favorite bands of the decade return to the forefront with new music. It’s a great feeling!

The tracklist for Armada is as follows:

1. Hollowed
2. Industry
3. Creep
4. Banger
5. Brambles
6. Lineage
7. Lungs
8. Armada
9. AAApe
10. Dogwater

As of right now, only vinyl pre-orders seem to be live for Armada, but we expect digital pre-orders to be live sooner or later. I bet if you were to like the band on Facebook, you’d be able to see when that happens! You can follow them on Instagram as well.

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