NEWS: Scale the Summit Release New Single “Astral Kid”

Just last month instrumental prog metal group Scale the Summit announced the follow up to 2015’s V, In a World of Fear, along with a teaser for what to expect on the album. A week or so later we were treated to the first single in “Royal Orphan”, showing a clear influence from Animals as Leaders. Not ready to just sit and wait for the May 15th release date, we have a second brand new single to share with you today: “Astral Kids”.

“Astral Kids” is yet another example of how the members of Scale the Summit are learning and evolving as musicians. This time around you can hear a distinct Plini-esque vibe from the melodies – a refreshing addition to an already unique sound. The song contains the same laid back atmosphere that you can see in the quieter parts of their most prominent work, The Migration. However, it still manages to sound fresh with it’s implementation of more playful guitar melodies. Just how much of this external influence will play a part in the development of their new record’s sound remains to be seen, but if this is all we get, it will still be sure to satisfy fans. Recent years have been kind to fans of instrumental metal, and that shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. If you fall into that camp, then In a World of Fear is definitely one album you should keep an eye on in the coming months.

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