NEWS: Scientist Unveil New Album Called “Barbelith”, Share Title Track

Chicago experimental metal outfit Scientist have released the first details of their next album through their social media pages! It will be called Barbelith, releasing on April 13 through Bandcamp. What’s more, they have also shared the title track for the album, which you can stream right here:

Using elements of doom, sludge and progressive metal, this track is basically a buffet of textures, tones and tempos. Somber, dark, and cleaner bits in the middle are surrounded by an enraged cacophony of savage vocals, deliberate and melodic guitars, and topped off with plowing percussion. I hear flecks of Gojira and Mastodon here, but those comparisons fall flat compared to the breadth of noise on display here.

As far as the rest of the album, the band states that Barbelith aims to be ‘a concept album about the search for life’s meaning through the use of psychedelics and the occult, only to discover that you haven’t even been born yet and is heavily influenced by the concepts revolving around Grant Morrison’s comic book series The Invisibles‘. Sounds existential as hell. I’m looking forward to it!

Scientist can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Check out their previous efforts on Bandcamp, where you can also preorder Barbelith before it drops on April 13!

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