NEWS: Shadow Of Intent Drop Music Video And Announce New Album

Halo has been a pivotal video game franchise for the past sixteen years. Its epic science fiction narrative, fear and aggressive game play almost demanded a metal tribute. Enter Shadow Of Intent. Though founded on Halo-inspired lyrics, what was originally a studio project for vocalist Ben Duerr and guitarist Chris Wiseman (Currents) gained a great deal of traction in the metal community with their devastating blend of orchestration, technical guitar work, brutal vocals, deathcore grooves and melodic sensibility. Their debut full-length, Primordial, came out just last year, and the group shows no sign of slowing. Having completed a full line-up with Matt Kohanowski (drums), Federico Zuccarelli (guitar) and Keith Kohlhepp (bass), Shadow Of Intent announced their sophomore album Reclaimer and dropped their first music video for “The Horror Within”. Check it out below:

The new single contains the group’s signature symphonic, technical deathcore sound, and will be sure to satisfy fans of the band. Buster Odeholm (Humanity’s Last Breath) mixed and mastered the new record, and his articulate, heavy production certainly benefits the track. Further, Kelsie Hargita (ex-Abigail Williams, ex-Collapse Of The Empire) lent a hand tightening up and polishing the group’s orchestral elements. What sets Shadow Of Intent apart from their peers is a strong commitment to melody and cohesion; without ever sacrificing heaviness, the group creates moments that are emotional and catchy while mercilessly intense.

Reclaimer will be out April 24 and can be pre-ordered here. Follow the group on Facebook and check out their previous material on YouTube and Bandcamp.

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