NEWS: Sithu Aye Announces Senpai EP II and Releases New Song

Sithu Aye is mostly known for his anime musings and self-deprecating humor. Or maybe it’s his incredible instrumental compositions and impressive guitar playing (you can read our review of his most recent record here). Regardless, the Scotland-based musician avoids pretense and embraces humor while delivering enjoyable, melodic and technical instrumental music. 2015’s Senpai EP「先輩EP」was, as he describessomething that, ‘started out as a joke for a mixtest… However, after releasing a playthrough for the song on YouTube, with some choice doodles of an anime girl trying to get noticed by her senpai, I was slowly convinced that doing an EP of anime inspired music would be a good idea.’ This ‘good idea’ has since prompted a sequel. Senpai EP II: The Noticing will be available on May 8. The first single for the EP, the hilariously titled “Anime As Leaders (The Woven Weeab)”, was just released:

The track opens with a fittingly Abasi-esque thumping technique that screams “Physical Education” before Sithu Aye‘s distinct, uplifting guitar harmonies arrive. Fun, funny, and full of character, it’s no doubt that even what Sithu Aye introduces as ‘the sequel to the EP nobody asked for’ will be enjoyable and unique. What do you think of the song? Does anime metal have a future?

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