NEWS: Skeletonwitch Drop New Track, Announce Upcoming Album

Hoo boy, do I have a surprise for you today! And a ridiculously heavy one, too! Athens, Ohio-based blackened thrash/melodic death metal juggernauts Skeletonwitch just dropped a new track called “Fen of Shadows” onto the unsuspecting world of heavy metal. There are even more great news from the band’s camp to be reported on, but I don’t want to keep you waiting for the song any longer than necessary. So check it out below; the rest can be found right after the jump!

Devouring Radiant Light

Damn, this song rips, right? “Fen of Shadows”, even though it does sound a little more straight-up black metal than usual for them, displays all trademark elements of the Skeletonwitch sound (like the epic, heavily NWOBHM-inspired opening and the thrashing rhythms, for example) and then some! It’s as if it were specifically tailor-made to get fans hyped for their upcoming album. Well, we’ll all have to wait for that one for a while, since Devouring Radiant Light is set to come out on July 20 via the band’s long-time label Prosthetic Records. In the meantime, you can (besides replaying the everloving sh*t out of this fantastic single, of course) have a look at the record’s ominous and beautiful cover artwork below:

Pre-orders for Devouring Radiant Light are available here. Skeletonwitch will be out on tour with Obituary, Pallbearer, and Dust Bolt in May through early June (you can find the dates here), so you can be sure to catch some of their new material at those shows! Are you looking forward to July 20 and the release of this record? I know I sure as hell am, but do let us know in the comments if you are as well.

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