NEWS: Steven Wilson Dismisses Porcupine Tree Reunion

HCE-finalcoverA few years ago Porcupine Tree came out with their 10th Studio Album The Incident. It was a glorious and sad moment for all the followers of the band for front-man Steven Wilson stated that the band would no longer make more albums. Probably a strategic movement as the band ended the album with a song name ‘Remember me lover’Porcupine Tree, rather Steven Wilson decided that he wants to focus more on his solo work and deal with new genres of music like Jazz, which the other band members were keen on. Still, the band left us with open end stating a “maybe in the future”.

Steven Wilson is set to release Hand.Cannot. Wait on the 27th of February and with the dates close, the fans have been more on on weather Porcupine Tree have a chance of return. ‘Hope against hope’, is how I like to define it. With questions and rumour struck all around, Steven Wilson came out of his silence and stated that there were no plans to a reunion any time soon.

Wilson was quoted saying,

“One of the funny things about the internet is how quickly a lie can become a rumour can become a fact. It was just some guy who went on a website – I’ve never met him, he pretended he knew me – and he said something like ‘Steven Wilson said the next project he’s going to do is a Porcupine Tree album.’ He made it up. I’ve never met him. It became a rumour and before you know it people are saying to me, ‘I hear you’re doing this next.’ No!”

However, Wilson also states that he might just take up Porcupine Tree very soon, but that will be as a side project. Some more hope left for a later time then, yes?


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