NEWS: Submotion Orchestra Release Music Video For “Prism”

We recently posted about “Kites”, the last single by English jazz/ambient electronica septett Submotion Orchestra on our Facebook page, and today the band has released yet another brand new music video, this time for the track “Prism”, which will also be part of their upcoming record called Kites, due to out on March 9.

Watch the music video for “Prism” below:

The track opens with vocalist Ruby’s soft, reverberating vocals, which are one of the main staples of Submotion Orchestra‘s sound. Soft piano touches and mellow, ambient background textures build up until the rhythm, provided by bass and auxiliary percussion, finally kicks in. The fluegelhorn adds a distinctive jazzy quality to “Prism”, while the sampled strings give even more class to its sound. Pulling from different genres under the electronic music umbrella, SubMo yet again provide a rich but ultimately laid back listening experience.

In the accompanying music video, we mostly see the band members performing the song, detailing the different instruments used in its creation. The visuals are, thanks to different effects, somewhat blurry and hazy (except when focussing on the musicians), underlining the sunny, gentle mood set by “Prism”.

I for one can’t wait for March 9 to come around so I can get my ears on new Submotion Orchestra tunes! This song didn’t make the wait for Kites any easier, but hey, new music is always a good thing, especially when it’s of such high quality. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook to receive any future updates on their activities, and to check out their back catalogue if you aren’t familiar with them yet.

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1 Comment

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