NEWS: TesseracT Reveal Music Video For New Single “King”

TesseracT is knee-deep in promotion territory, hyping up a tasty new North American tour and their upcoming album Sonder which drops on April 20. We got the lead single “Luminary” over a month ago and now we get “King”, and a cinematic music video to go along with it. Let’s get right into it!

Everyone, please join me in welcoming screamed vocals back to the band. Damn. I’ll be real upfront in saying that this has to be my favorite TesseracT song since their Altered State album. The pacing, energy and delicacy remind me of when Ashe O’Hara fronted the band. The end of the track with faded multilayered vocals legitimately gave me chills. This is just an amazing song. The video itself centers around three characters wracked with fear, stress and frustration in their given lives. A bullied kid, a businessman at the end of his rope and a terminally ill woman, whose fates all seem to be intertwined by a fourth mysterious man.

Vocalist Daniel Tompkins gives some insight into the narrative we see play out: ‘“King” explores the notion that history is repeating itself. Dominated by patriarchal societies, we find ourselves being lead into disempowerment, corruption and war. The song also focusses on the inner turmoils of living with the constraints of an onerous life.‘ The wait for Sonder just got a little bit harder, but at least we can loop “King” for a while to help ease the pain!

Sonder can be pre-ordered through TesseracT’s website. Find TesseracT on FacebookYoutubeTwitter, and Instagram.

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