NEWS: TesseracT Tease “Sonder” Album, Unveil New Song “Luminary”

TesseracT announced today an April 20 release date for their 4th full-length studio album, Sonder. The British djent pioneers hinted at this for a few days with a number of vague ‘announcement of an announcement’ posts on Facebook. Now we have a firm release date, though, and a song entitled “Luminary”. Check it out below!

This sounds like it will be the album’s first song! “Luminary” has has a deliberate build-up to a bombastic intro, just like “Dystopia” on 2015’s Polaris and “Of Matter — Proxy” on 2013’s Altered State album. Stylistically, it seems to straddle a line between the sound of both albums. “Luminary” has the same emphasis on Daniel Tompkins’s vocals found on Polaris but with Altered State’s more streamlined progressive sound and less groove.


Compare this to the more electronic and groovy approach found in “Smile”, a song they premiered last June. It almost seems too hard to believe that was over seven months ago. Guitarist James Montieth later told It Djents that “Smile” represented their then current musical direction.

Perhaps TesseracT changed their direction sometime in the past six months. Perhaps we could expect just about anything on Sonder when it drops in April. Whatever the case, expect it to be covered here.

Between this and upcoming releases from Between The Burried And Me, Rolo Tomossi, and Oceans Of Slumber, 2018 is shaping up to be a strong year.

Sonder can be pre-ordered through TesseracT’s web page. The band maintains a social media presence on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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1 Comment

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