NEWS: The Contortionist Release New Single, “Absolve”

It’s Friday, everyone is in the weekend mood and The Contortionist released a new song.. uhm wait, what? Yes! You are not dreaming! We got another single off their upcoming record Clairvoyant, and it’s quite different from their first single “Reimagined”. So get a Q-tip and clean your ears, for this new single is pretty clean as well! Jokes aside, take a listen first and then read more!


The track starts with polyrhythmic drumming and a very clean guitar tone that sounds a lot like The Contortionist. Transforming into a very proggy chorus, it has literally nothing to do with the more catchy pop-attitude some feared for after “Reimagined”. Still, this song is pretty soft and less heavy than some of the band’s other material. It’s essentially another hint on how Clairvoyant might sound. Maybe cleaner than The Contortionist‘s early music, but maybe this is only one side to it. This single definitely stands out with a more progressive rock sound, embellished by some jazzy chords and odd rhythmic work. The chorus isn’t the catchiest the band has written, though.

BUT: We also got some distorted guitars that come up towards the ending and create a rousing structure. Additional synthesizers create a vibe similar to some spacey moments of the band. “Absolve” ends in ambiance and noises, truly fitting this spacey vibe. Anyway, we might actually be getting the first record by The Contortionist that features zero guttural vocals here. Are they missed? We can’t tell yet from the two singles; maybe there will be some on the other songs, maybe not. What do you think? Would you like the band to work with some, or are you happy without?

Clairvoyant will be released on September 15 via Good Fight (you can pre-order here), make sure to follow them on Facebook!

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