NEWS: The HAARP Machine Taking Shape Again?

In 2012, UK-based The HAARP Machine released a record called Disclosure and toured with Born Of Osiris, Monuments, and After The Burial until the band disappeared. Over the last years there have always been hints at a possible reunion, on a new record and the band even got lined up for UKTM. Early 2017 there have been rumors that The HAARP Machine would be a band again. Al Mu’min was searching for new musicians to play with…but somehow nothing really happened.

What was?

Mu’min having released a new and instrumental playthrough in early 2017, out interests got triggered hard. The song remained unnamed, and the accompanying video only showed Al doing the guitars. In case you missed this you can read more over here. The video also said ‘THM | LP2’, which kinda reflects The HAARP Machine Long-Player 2, so the sophomore record of the band. In the following weeks the search for new members began and an image appeared. Said image showed a band (sans vocalist) while rehearsing. More on this here. And that was pretty much it.

The HAARP Machine‘s Facebook page is very empty, with Al publishing very minimalistic posts from time to time. Such a thing happened on February 19th, when he shared a link featuring the following video.

A new song?


Basically it’s a load of shredding, yeah, but this song might be the second ‘single’ off an upcoming record. It starts in a very Arabian vibe that feels very familiar to The HAARP Machine, using drums and some Arabic-sounding synthesizers. The accentuated, staccato-esque riffing also draws the connection to Disclosure, whilst the melodic riffing delivers a very Intervals-y vibe. The very catchy lead riff appears over and over again, while vocals don’t necessarily feel missing on this track.

Now, on March 6th, there was yet another post, this time showing a drummer playing one of the band’s older songs. It’s “Lower The Populace”, performed by Sydney Taieb, who’s best known for his work in Paris-based Atlantis Chronicles. So is Taieb the new drummer for The HAARP Machine? Will there be a new line-up confirmed soon? Will there be a follow-up to Disclosure, which featured guys like Alex Rudinger (Good Tiger) and Mike Semesky (ex-Intervals)? Also, will it be instrumental or not? There are a lot of questions, and by keeping everything secret, the band stays a big question mark, at least for now.

Sydney Taieb on drums:

What do you think of the new song, and of Taieb being (probably) their new drummer? Let us know and keep following The Haarp Machine on Facebook, as you don’t want to miss updates! Don’t worry, they will probably not spam your timeline!

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