NEWS: The Internet Release New Single, Announce “Hive Mind”

You might know The Internet, a neo-soul/r’n’b quintet from Los Angeles, California, from their former affiliation with the Odd Future collective, or maybe even from the series of solo projects the band’s members he avunveiled over the past twelve months or so. Or maybe you just know them for being one of the best acts in their genre right now. That’s cool as well. Anyhow, they have released a new single today! It’s called “Come Over”, which is exactly what you should do right now: come over here and listen to it.

“Come Over”…

…combines the lush, mellow take on neo-soul The Internet have come to be known for over the course of their three previous records (2011’s Purple Naked Ladies, 2013’s Feel Good, and 2015’s Ego Death) with a slightly funky edge that’s been hinted at with their last single “Roll (Burbank Funk)”. The outro even provides a throwback to the classic neo-soul sound of the 90s. Given that this is the band’s second single within just over a month, there surely must be a new release of theirs on the horizon, right?

Right! They just announced that their fourth full-length studio effort will be called Hive Mind, and that it’s scheduled to come out on July 20. Guitarist Steve Lacy had the following to say about the album during its recording process: ‘I feel like this is on a higher echelon than Ego Death. I love Ego Death, that was a great record, but I know this one is a step up.‘ Now if that doesn’t sound exciting then I don’t know what does! Given that Ego Death was one of my personal favorites in 2015, I for one am stoked at the prospect of an even better record.

You can pre-order Hive Mind here. Make sure to follow The Internet on Facebook to keep up with future singles, tour dates et cetera.

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