NEWS: VOLA Announce New Drummer

News from Denmark! Our friends in VOLA decided to part ways with drummer Felix, as he isn’t able to perform any longer with them. This was already apparent when they toured with Katatonia and Agent Fresco in Falllast year. They enlisted Arkentype‘s Simen Sandnes to help out, who in a personal conversation told me that it was only a one-off situation, mainly based on the distance. In the meantime, the trio around Asger Mygind found a new drummer in Adam Janzi, who also plays in The Drake Equation and has proven to possess a very personal style.

Fortunately, I already made the experience of watching VOLA perform with Adam on drums. And from that, I can definitely tell you that he nails his job! It’s big footsteps to step in, but with his groovy and passionate style, he totally fits in the band.

Here is what VOLA posted on Facebook:

We would like to welcome Adam Janzi as the new drummer in VOLA. We have had a wonderful time with Felix behind the drums, but he has decided to pursue musical endeavours that are closer to his heart. Our split with him is made under nothing but peaceful and friendly circumstances, and we are incredibly thankful for the time and energy he has invested in the band to help it thrive. We wish him the absolute best in the future!

Adam is a spectacular drummer (which we are sure some of you have already had a taste of during our summer shows), and we can’t wait to present new music to the world that features his musical abilities. More on this soon. For now, give him a warm welcome!

Let’s see what’s up next! The band is currently working on material to follow up their debut record Inmazes. Having a full line-up again at last, they might be able to record new tunes and tour Europe again very soon! Make sure to follow them on Facebook, so that you don’t miss any updates!

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