NEWS: Volumes to Release “Different Animals” on June 9th

Like the headline says, Volumes have a firm release date for their upcoming album entitled Different Animals, their first to come out on Fearless Records.

They for some reason decided this song would be their pre-release, album-teasing single.

The song features a rapper known by the name Pouya and has a considerably less “djenty” feel to it, being more along the lines of nu metal. The slightest nods to deathcore in its sound bring Attila to mind. The video evokes Attila as well, displaying some of the more cringe-inducing clichés of mainstream hip-hop clips.

The new sound might have been predicted by the band’s change in record label. Volumes announced their relationship with Fearless Records in June, 2016, which will be a full year before Different Animals’s release. Fearless are better-known for pop punk bands like Plain White T’s and Dynamite Boy. A subsidiary of Concord Bicycle Music (Paul McCartney, James Taylor, Chick Corea), Fearless Records is by extension distributed by Universal Music Group; giving Volumes potentially worldwide reach. Volumes were previously signed to Mediaskare Records, a label more associated with heavier bands like Bury Your Dead and more experimental bands like Exotic Animal Petting Zoo. Volumes also released material on their own 91367 Records. (There is no mystery about that number’s significance: it is the ZIP Code for Woodland Hills, CA.)

While this video does not reflect well on Volumes, fans can have some reason to expect Different Animals to be better on the whole. First, they released this video for “Feels Good” in June 2016.

One can presume this will be on Different Animals as well and unlike “On Her Mind,” it is actually good. Yes, it is not as heavy or as aggressive as the material on 2014’s No Sleep album, which could djent toe-to-toe with any Sumerian band. Yet nonetheless it shows maturity and nuance in songwriting, while still maintaining an aggressive edge.

Do note that Volumes guitarist Diego Farias received not one but two Latin Grammy Awards in 2016 for his recording engineer work with the late Juan Gabriel: “Album Of The Year” and “Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.” Clearly, we are dealing with no minor talent here. We should respect such people for wanting to branch out with their sound, even when they display questionable judgment in which songs to make videos for.Volumes_LindseyByrnes_GIG_3182_edit

This Latin Grammy win was announced only a few days before I had the privilege of seeing Volumes perform live. Supporting The Word Alive, the band took ownership of the stage immediately and played a tight, energetic set. Volumes lit up the audience by urging them “let’s see some middle fingers in the air for that piece of [REDACTED] Donald Trump!” The Montreal crowd obliged them. Not a bad way to spend a cold rainy Friday night in November.

Volumes are at this time of writing on tour supporting Born Of Osiris. Perhaps fans will get to hear a bit more of what they have in store for June. Right now, I am cautiously optimistic.

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