NEWS: Wolves In The Throne Room Release New Song, “Born From The Serpent’s Eye”

Pacific Northwest black metallers, Wolves in the Throne Room have released the first song and video from their upcoming LP. Releasing on the band’s own Artemisia Records, Thrice Woven will be released on September 22nd. Watch the video for the band’s brand new song, “Born From the Serpent’s Eye” below!

This song sees WitTR mixing in their trademark ethereal atmospherics injected into a full on black metal assault. Wretched vocals, tremolo guitar picking, and sinister tone are present, as well as light symphonic and atmospheric elements.  The band does show a more aggressive approach on this track than the bulk of their existing catalog, so time will tell if this is the norm on the new record or if it’s unique to this track. 

What becomes immediately noticeable is the production on this track is measurable cleaner than their previous recordings. The band has always eschewed many of the traditional elements of traditional black metal such as corpse paint and overt occult imagery. A higher fidelity production makes sense for the band’s non-traditional approach as well.

Pre-Order bundles are already available on the band’s online merchandise store, and keep your eye on their Facebook page for news about the upcoming album! What do you think of this new song and possible direction for the band? Let us know in the comments!

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