NEWS: Wolves in the Throne Room Unveil “Mother Owl, Father Ocean”

With the release date of Thrice Woven fast approaching, Wolves in the Throne Room have given us another sample of what’s to come. “Mother Owl, Father Ocean” is a companion track to the previously released “Angrboda” and is paired with the song in the official video below. The band is accompanied by Swedish vocalist Anna Von Hausswolff, who brings an ethereal and earthy atmosphere to the track, reminiscent of Danish artist Myrkur. Give it a listen below!

This is one of the more down-tempo outings that the band has written. The track is the fourth of five total on the album and will no doubt aid in the overall pace. So far, all three songs from the Thrice Woven have given me a reason to think that this will be the best effort by the band. With plenty of ambiance, sinister vocals, and interesting compositions, this is one of my most anticipated black metal releases of the year. With the album’s release just around the corner, I think it’s safe to say this will be the final sneak peek before the release of the record. What do you think of the songs so far? Has the band done enough to convince you to pick it up when it’s released?

Pre-order bundles for Thrice Woven are available on the band’s online merchandise store, and keep your eye on their Facebook page for news about the upcoming album! Also, the band is headed to the United States for a headlining tour in October; check the dates here and grab some tickets!

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