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PREVIEW: Brutal Assault Festival @ Jaromer, Czech Republic

Do you know what this year’s best European festival line-up might be? It might be Brutal Assault, and there are plenty of reasons one would think so!

The festival, which takes place in Jaromer, Czech Republic from August 9th to 12th, is special in a lot of ways. Not only does it take place in an old fortress (how cool is this venue?), it also has an incredible billing that might  satisfy you very easily!

Another convincing fact might be that you’ll get a Budweiser for only 1,10 €! Not only do the Czechs know how to brew awesome beer, they also are inventors of Pils, which was created in the city of Plzen. Compared to other European festivals, this might be the lowest price you will see. But let’s take a focus on the line-up; it is even more convincing!

The Headliners:

Devin Townsend Project

Devin is the man. This will be the third time I will see him live this year, and I am so stoked for it as no show is the same with him. Even if you don’t like Devin’s music that much, you might have an awesome time with this true entertainer! Fun incoming, with proggy music at its very best!


Ihsahn made awesome records with his solo project, but he is also still in Emperor. Said band is a true gem of black metal, and even though they haven’t released any records since their 2001 opus Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire & Demise, this band is a true headliner!


With the release of Sorceress, Opeth managed to catch my attention and I finally got the chance to fully immerse myself into their music. It took long, way too long, which is the reason why I am super excited to finally see them live! Which songs would you love to see on stage? Let us know in the comments!


This band is 9 years older than me (!), and they’re still around for a reason! Though they have only released two records since I was born, the group still deliver live! Fans of melodic death metal as well as fans of their older and heavier grindcore influence will have a great time!


The Author’s ‘Must-See-Bands’:

Fleshgod Apocalypse

When you are not only into death metal, but also orchestrated music in terms of classical and Baroque music, you will love this band.  Their music is heavy, beautiful and truly special. Those Italians know how to shred while being epic at the same time!


This band from Belgium released its magnum opus with Rheia last year. Coming from the hardcore scene, they made a transition to post metal and black metal into a blackgazey sound and overwhelm with heartfelt passages, insane shredding and screams that will rouse your feelings!


Gautier Serre is probably the most innovative musician of this whole line-up. His new release, Savage Sinusoid, displays exactly what kind of creativity he has at his disposal. As our writer and PR guy Inter already mentioned, the new record is a true masterpiece and his live show will be as well!

Oceans Ate Alaska

Their new record, Hikari, might be the most unique piece of progressive metalcore we get this year. Full of catchy hooks, strange and odd-time rhythms, heavy breaks and slightly jazzy clean parts, this band never gets boring!

The Dillinger Escape Plan

This might be the last ever concert of The Dillinger Escape Plan that I am going to see. I already had the chance to catch them on their last tour, which was a stellar experience. I can’t get enough of this band.


The Future In Whose Eyes? might not be the band’s most outstanding work, but it’s certainly an accessible record that has potential for strong live performances.

August Burns Red

This band is always fun to listen to! They also just announced a new record for this autumn. If that’s the case, we might get to hear some new songs during this performance. Regardless, the band always delivers a tight, intense performance that you don’t want to miss.


They just parted ways with their singer, which means we might see a new one for this show. Their mix of ambient and technical death metal is truly unique and definitely worth staying the whole set for. I am stoked to find out who will be singing. Are you?


This band might well be renowned over here, and actually could deserve the status ‘homegrown’. The newest output, Foreword, is certainly more pop-oriented than their old music, but still intriguing. What more do you want?


Hidden Gems:

Beside those bigger names, there are also some hidden gems that you shouldn’t miss at all!

The Number Twelve Looks Like You

You don’t get many chances to catch this band live, which is a reason to do so now. Number Twelve might be one of the most interesting mathcore bands out there and are perfectly fit to share the stage with The Dillinger Escape Plan!


Are you into gritty death metal? Technical and heavy music? Make sure to give Ulcerate a listen and watch their set. Their latest Shrines Of Paralysis was one of the many tech-death gems of 2016!

God Mother

I saw them on tour with The Dillinger Escape Plan earlier this year and let me tell you that this is one of the heaviest bands I’ve seen in a while. Their songs consisted of a lot of blast beats and a very acrobatic performance that was pure fun to watch! What a way to start a festival!

Birds In Row

I stumbled across this band some years ago, and they might be one of Europe’s most interesting hardcore acts, combining the sound with a lot of mathcore-ish elements for a mix that is chaotic, heavy, organic and passionate. Fans of The Chariot will love what they play!

Der Weg Einer Freiheit

This, in my opinion, is the most promising black metal act that Germany has offered to date. Their latest record, Stellar, was one of 2015’s highlights. The singles for their follow up, Finisterre, might just be able to top their last release. You don’t want to miss this awesome band!

Besides those acts, we also have bands like Hatebreed, Trivium, Mayhem, Architects, Madball, Wintersun, Aversions Crown, Sacred Reich, Nile, Tiamat, While She Sleeps, Swans and more playing the festival. There will be a total of 110 bands! Make sure to take a look at the full line-up: You will find even more interesting bands to check out!

Take a look at the official poster and line-up in full:

Get the last tickets on their website. They are on sale for only 94 €’s, which is basically nothing for a line-up like this one! Grab your tickets NOW (click here) as they are about to sell out!

Make also sure to follow Brutal Assault on Facebook and to visit their website! You will find the official Facebook event here!

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