NEWS: Steven Wilson Releases Emotional New Song “Refuge”

It’s only two weeks until we’ll have the new Steven Wilson record To The Bone out on planet earth! Wilson, who previously released singles including the very poppy “Permanating”, is now shining in a light that seems a little more settled down, contrasting the singles’ poppier direction in a very positive way. It shows that the new record won’t be just a dance/pop one that sounds like ABBA all the way through.


… has its very own mood in being beautiful but also a bit depressing at the same time. The 80’s synths perfectly mash up with Steven Wilson‘s falsetto voice (which he already showed off on “Permanating” before) and an overall huge sound. It all starts with Wilson alone, on piano and singing, and then builds up to the peak as other instruments get in. The song was inspired by the plight of Syrian refugees and picks it up musically and emotionally. Ending in a powerful and cinematic sounding wall of sound, this song feels like one of the highlights of the upcoming record To The Bone.

“I’d love to see you again, sometime soon.. Will you give back to me now what you stole?”

The piano chord work at the end, as well as the ambiance and atmosphere, draws a connecting line to Wilson’s previous record Hand.Cannot.Erase. This section sparkles with beauty and a melancholic side due to the heavenly harmonica, layered by Steven Wilson’s voice. This part is also a reprise of the songs intro; thus all ends up in a well-rounded song that easily stands for itself, telling its own story. The video, done by frequent Wilson collaborator Lasse Hoile, shows some studio photography during the process of recording To The Bone, as well as the lyrics for “Refuge”.

To The Bone drops on August 18th via Caroline. Make sure to follow Steven Wilson on his Facebook page, visit his website and to pre-order To The Bone right here!


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