NEWS: Take “Your Last Breaths” With Suffocation

Suffocation preview their first album since 2013 with this scorcher entitled “Your Last Breaths.” Check it out below:

Suffocation played tech-death before it was a thing. While they took a break from 1998 to 2004, this band has always been the gold standard of the subgenre right alongside their buddies in Cryptopsy. This video shows Suffocation still holding the tech-death standard high, a subgenre hardly taking its ‘last breath’. Their new (and eighth) album, entitled …Of The Dark Light, has a scheduled release date of June 9, 2017. Fans of the Yonkers, NY stalwarts and of technical death metal in general will revel in this; they can rest assured that Suffocation show no sign of slowing down here and are just as ugly, vile, and brilliant as they were when they debuted with Effigy Of The Forgotten in 1991.

We will have to forgive a band called Suffocation for writing a song called “Your Last Breaths”. Dad jokes aside, what matters is the band being back in fine form. “Your Last Breaths” has all we have come to know and love about them: dizzying tempo changes come in so many short bursts as to make a meta-groove. This unique signature feature has been part of Suffocation’s sound regardless of who played drums, and Eric Morotti is their ninth overall drummer.

Others will note the riffing: there’s too many riffs to count for a song under five minutes long. They will pick up on the wild and crazy guitar solos with sweep arpeggios played in bursts, not altogether different from the drumming and the riffs. Yes, that would be a regular feature of Terrance Hobbs’s guitar playing, something that has come to infect every part of their music. And it works, just like it works here.

The only complaint about the “Your Last Breaths” video is that, like so many metal videos these days, it is not really a video. We have a still shot of the band’s logo (in 360 degrees to be sure) with some snow globe-like particles floating all around. We will blame budget, the obvious culprit. Ask not how Nuclear Blast could lack the budget for this; rather, ask why the same record label as Nightwish‘s will not invest more into promoting such a foundational band as Suffocation. Seriously, even some studio footage of the guys with some cutaways of them dragging their gear in and out and goofing around would have been better than this. It would be as easy and inexpensive to shoot as it would be clichéd, but it would have conveyed the much needed message that Suffocation is back.

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