This Week in News 4/10/2017 – New Steven Wilson Teased, Portico Quartet Return

It’s been another quiet week here as we wait for the inevitable onslaught of reveals and releases in the coming weeks and months. The most noteworthy piece for the week is the announcement of Steven Wilson signing to Caroline Records, along with the tease of a new album. Wilson in a post on Facebook stated, “The follow up to 2015’s Hand. Cannot. Erase. will be released later this year, more news coming soon.” It’s hard not to get excited at the prospect of new material from someone as prolific and talented as Wilson, and we’ll be sure to cover more of him as things are revealed. If you’re a touch more into electronica and jazz, then it’s worth noting that Protico Quartet are back under the same moniker, and have announced a few live shows for late summer. A few straggling pieces of news: Neurosis has announced a North American tour for July/August; Anup Sastry has been working with Lukas Guyader on some exciting new material; and Tool teased a new show for their tour with a cryptic image that reinvigorated the speculation in the metal community.

Weekly Playlist

We have a few standouts this week that should tide you over for the time being. Uneven Structure fans got another taste of their upcoming album in “Crystal Teeth“, equal parts atmosphere and groove. The instrumental crowd received the Plini-esque “Astral Kids“, the second single from the forthcoming Scale the Summit album. Pig Destroyer played a new track while at SXSW, though no official stream has been released as of yet. Those looking for a bit more of a relaxing tune can jam out to the new Mew, “Twist Quest“. Finally, we have an impressive bass play-through of “See It All” by Jon Heaton from Aliases.

Review Corner

Bear/// (7/10): “Bear deliver a decent level of groove-oriented mathcore songwriting that is fun to listen to (and probably to watch live as well). They definitely know how to play their instruments and how to keep track of quality material, which is proven by their ability to compose songs that are diverse and catchy while still sounding homogeneous enough.”

A Will AwayHere Again (7.5/10): “[This] album took some time to fall into place for me. I was originally let down, hoping for something hyped up on youthful, romantic angst but finding a record that is thoughtful and introspective…sometimes we can only fully experience the moments worth remembering after they’ve passed.”

Alms Of The Giant Oracles (6/10): “[This album] is a snapshot of a group at the beginning of their career, still in the process of finding their voice. Unpolished, raw, and youthful, [it] is a fun fifteen minutes that promises growth on future releases.”

He Is Legend Few (7.5/10): “With few less grand choruses and a little more elaboration on the record’s truly special moments, this could have been a much less infuriating experience. Nevertheless, Few shows He Is Legend in great shape, delivering yet another enjoyable entry to their discography.”

As Seen On itDjents

News may be light this week, but we have more than enough exclusive content to keep you busy. Starting us off is a pair of exclusive premieres from Interbeing and Flux Conduct. The former is a heavy track with a fantastic artwork to coincide, and the later being the full album, Yetzer Hara, from John Browne’s passion project. Our Weekly Featured Artist is that of Ourselves, Alone – which has a great interview tucked away within the article. We also took a Delve Into some noteworthy modern prog metal/rock tracks with a more traditional sound. Our staff had the chance to catch Sentience‘s Guildford concert, and you can find our thoughts on the show here. Lastly, and perhaps most interesting for those learning about band management, we have a step-by-step guide on how to make an EPK. Not sure what an EPK is? Read the article to find out!

Question of the Week: “What is your favourite non-metal/non-prog band that you listen to?“, and for more news on all things metal/prog, keep an eye on It Djents or follow us on Facebook/Twitter. As always, stay awesome!

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