This Week In News 7/31/2017 – Tour And Album Announcements Galore!

News this week is an even split of album and tour announcements to fill out the end of the year, so buckle in, we have a lot to cover! First up is the solo project of Riverside bassist/singer, Mariusz Duda: Come October 6th, you can dig into the new Lunatic Soul record, Fractured. Arkaik is also back, releasing Nemethia at the end of September. For extreme metal fans, we have the Australian group Ne Obliviscaris dropping Urn on October 27thPerturbator will be gifting us their new EP, New Model, the same month. Finally, Tera Malos will release Trash Generator much sooner, on August 25th, before embarking on a North American tour in October and November.

Speaking of tours, the big announcement this week is that of Dream Theater bringing their 25th Images and Words anniversary show west, hitting everywhere you’d expect starting late October. If you read our recent look at Circa Survive on tour and wish you could go yourself, then luck is on your side. Along with Thrice, Circa Survive will be coming through NA as well starting Nov 2nd. The Convergence Tour, which brings Periphery and Animals as Leaders together (with some notable opening acts), starts its run on Halloween. Fans of The Cleansing will be happy to hear that Suicide Silence are playing the album in full on their upcoming tour. Last but certainly not least, you can catch Brain Tentacles in the US during August and September. While you have to wait a few months to check out these new records and shows, these singles here are good to enjoy right now – so take a look!

Weekly Playlist

Review Corner

Make Them SufferWorlds Apart (5/10): “[This album] starts with some solid ideas and songs, but quickly fall into repetitions that rapidly decline in enjoyment with each use. The occasional upbeat electronic interlude and Burton’s ethereal vocals are unique enough for the genre, but do not regularly provide the effective hooks that these songs desperately need. There are decent riffs and some heavy, mosh-worthy grooves throughout the record, but they are done with somewhat dragging tempos and distracting repetition.”

LiverumDiscover Your Land (6.5/10): “[They] came out swinging on their debut, but not every punch landed squarely. My main criticism of the album is that it can be a bit of a tough listen. The runtime of many of the tracks is in excess of 6 minutes, and with the structure of the songs being quite similar throughout, they can occasionally overstay their welcome. There is plenty to celebrate here, however, as the technical prowess of this band cannot be overstated.”

Dethrone The SovereignHarbingers of Pestilence (7/10): “At nine tracks and thirty-four minutes, this album is far from overstaying its welcome. In fact, there is a great number of unique ideas here that don’t necessarily receive the time to fully germinate. Unfortunately, these unique elements are sometimes interspersed with less-than-punchy production and a deathcore style that isn’t always distinguishable between tracks. Thankfully, [their] attention to dynamics, atmosphere and composition ensure that nothing becomes too repetitive or uninspired.”

CønstantineEsthesia (9/10): “My impression of this album (one of them anyway) is that it makes a great gateway album between modern progressive metal and classic rock-infused power metal. Fans of either are sure to find many exquisite moments throughout [the album].”

Impure WilhelminaRadiation (9.5/10): “[They] were able to take the best elements of doom metal and post-hardcore and make something incredibly special. Listening to the entirety of the record is the audio equivalent of taking the scenic route, with each subsequent trip revealing a little more than the last.”

Tyler, The Creator Flower Boy (9/10): “Flower Boy is a huge step for Tyler, and it will be remembered as one of his most honest and remarkable projects. Not only does he write his lyrics from a place of vulnerability, he also crafts some of his most intricate musical arrangements to date. It’s a great album for old and new fans alike, and I believe it may become one of the best rap albums of the year.”

BISONYou Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient (10/10): “This year is already stacked with stellar releases in the metal scene, but none have made an impact on me in such a way as You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient. Impassioned vocals, chugging riffs, amazing lead work, and an album composition that hits the nail squarely on the head make this record quite the triumphant return for the band.”

As Seen On It Djents

The It Djents Podcast has returned! After a several month absence, we have restarted the podcast in earnest with the full intention to keep this as a continuous bi-weekly part of the content on this site. For this episode Landon, Inter, Pete, and Tyler dig into the transition of the website and the changes in djent as a genre. If you’re only here for music though, we have yet another set of summer tracks from Evan McGregor of Zeitgeber for the newest Summer Jam. Finally, Michael got the chance to see Citizen and Circa Survive live in Richmond, Virginia. Be sure to check his thoughts out here!

Author’s Thoughts: My wallet can’t handle the amount of tours that keep popping up. Adding The Convergence Tour and Images and Words 25th to the list only makes it worse (though it’s Haken‘s 10th that I’m looking forward to the most). This week is great for new singles too; definitely check out The Hirsch Effekt and Ne Obliviscaris if you get the chance. On a side note, the Podcast came back and I had the chance to be on it this go around. A fun experience to be sure, but something I have to work on getting better at. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy it. Till next week!

Question of the Week: ‘What tours are you looking forward to most in 2017?’ Stay tuned to It Djents or follow us on Facebook/Twitter for more news on all things metal, prog, and more!

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