This Week In News 8/7/2017 – Nolly Leaves Periphery, Portnoy’s New Project, Petrucci On Eight Strings

If you’re a fan of premiere djent act Periphery, then you’re probably already long aware of Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood’s official departure from the band. Citing the fact that he wants to focus on his productions more and being unable to commit fully to the band, this seems like a natural extension of his decision to not tour with Misha and company on their recent tours. This isn’t the only unfortunate news in this vein from last week, as Spawn of Possession have also decided to call it quits after a long absence.

Let the void of future music from this act be filled by the newest project from Mike Portnoy, the supergroup Sons of Apollo. He will be joined by Derick Sherinian, Billy Sheehan, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, and Jeff Scott Soto – they’ve been in too many bands to list here, so check out our article for more information and to hear what they sound like. In an unexpected turn of events, prolific guitarist John Petrucci has stated that he is working with an 8-string guitar for Dream Theater‘s next outing (insert djent related pun about DT here). Last up, we have a pair of tours for you: The Brutal Assault Festival is bringing Devin Townsend Project, Opeth, and many more to the Check Republic this August, and Mastodon will be making it’s way through Europe to cap off the year. On to new music!

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Review Corner

Beyond GraceSeekers (8.5/10): “[They] have created in [this album] one of 2017’s best albums so far. The band combined technical skill, cerebral intimacy, melody, and sheer brutality in a near perfect cadence of power. Watch this band.”

NYNEntropy: Of Chaos and Salt (6.5/10): “[This album] is an undeniably overflowing, frenetic record that abounds with the excesses of technicality, arrangement, and instrumentation that you might associate with Archspire-like tech-death and Dream Theater-esque progressive metal…This record demands a great deal of work from the listener, and this is expected for fans of this genre. My fear is that the record’s intentionally unfocused intensity may deter listeners from putting in the effort to appreciate this impressive work.”

Twin Pyramid ComplexJinx Equilibria (6/10): “While [the band] still has much room for improvement, [this album] is a decent effort, and undoubtedly a unique experience. If you’re mentally prepared, in the mood for a bit of chaos, and willing to invest your time in multiple listens to allow the music to grow on you, this album might be right up your alley.”

Dead CrossDead Cross (8/10): “The pedigree I mentioned earlier creates a breed of heavy music that may not be uniquely theirs, but is still a great demonstration of what a modern supergroup can be in terms of melding styles and remaining complementary to each other. Give this a shot; even if you don’t like it, the most you lose is 27 minutes of your time!”

The RestitutionInto the Dark (6.5/10): “While I didn’t love every aspect of this record, there is a lot to love here. Solid song composition, powerful vocals, and thought-inducing lyrics. The flaws pointed out do detract from the listening experience, but are in no way a reason to avoid listening.”

BorisDear (8/10): “To sum it all up, [this] is a monumental record, and perfectly sums up the grand history of the Japanese trio in Boris. The amazing mixture of sludge, drone, shoegaze, and post-rock results in one of the most intriguing records of the summer. It’s a great record to get into [the band] if you have not heard them before, and a must own for the long-time fans.”

Nine Inch NailsAdd Violence (6.5/10): “In the face of some glaring drawbacks, Add Violence is still a decent release. If you’re a fan, give Not the Actual Events and Add Violence a try.”

Alpha Male Tea PartyHealth (5.5/10): “[This album] is of a much calmer pace for Alpha Male Tea Party, and although I did enjoy this more classic approach to prog/hard-rock, I personally would like to see a return to their more rugged tracks and mathcore style. If you are waiting for the more manic and aggressive side to the album, I would recommend jumping to the latter half.”

CormorantDiaspora (8/10): “Outside of drum production that felt flat in some listening environments, this album is massive in every sense of the word – from gigantic riffage to towering melodic guitar harmonies and a maelstrom of grating growls alongside serene singing. The record may not be the most accessible in terms of its rawness or arrangements, but listeners with some courage to embark on the path laid out on [this album] will find a fitting reward at its end.”

As Seen On It Djents

We are now officially in August, and you know what that means: more What’s The Sound Of… from our esteemed music guru Inter. If July’s hidden releases aren’t enough for you, Jesper And Daniel of Ghost Iris discuss their favourite summer albums in the newest Summer Jam. One last new song for you guys, one you definitely don’t want to sleep on, Fox Territory have given us the exclusive premiere of their newest track, “Clockwork Joy“, and it’s very worth your time. Finally, we have the most recent edition of A Scene In Retrospect, where Zac, Inter, and Tim discuss their experience with The Fall Of Troy‘s Doppelgänger.

Author’s Thoughts: I wasn’t terribly surprised at the Nolly news given how little he’s been involved outside the recording process the last few years, but I do hope that he continues to produce the albums – Periphery have pretty solid productions on their newer albums. I’m also interested to see what Petrucci does with an 8 string. Whatever your opinion of Dream Theater is, you can’t deny that he, as a guitarist, has created some amazing riffs and melodies. Side note, you can actually hear a djent-influenced riff in the last 30 seconds of “These Walls” by them. The new Caligula’s Horse is pretty good too, check it out if you have time. It’s convinced me to go back and pick up The Tide, the Thief & River’s End. As always, till next week!

Question of the Week: ‘What’s your favourite djent riff or melody that’s not from a traditionally djent style band?’ Stay tuned to It Djents or follow us on Facebook/Twitter for more news on all things metal, prog, and more!

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