This Week In News 8/21/2017 – Another Mastodon Album, New Converge Record, Iron Maiden Makes Comics

It’s been a few long months since the release of Emperor of Sand, but it won’t be much longer until you have even more Mastodon to satisfy your sludge and prog needs! What was originally intended to be a solo album for Brent Hinds, Cold Dark Place will now be a full release under the band’s namesake on September 22nd. Speaking of album announcements, Converge will be dropping The Dusk In Us this November, and you can check out the track they released with this news below. In the realm of ‘oh, that’s kind of neat’, British metal legends Iron Maiden are now entering the world of comics. From October to February of next year, we will be getting monthly issues from ‘Legacy of The Beast‘. And that’s about all the noteworthy things you might have missed this week – on to the music!

Weekly Playlist

Review Corner

The Hirsch EffektEskapist (8.5/10): ” The amount of different styles, elements and progressions they are able to fit into one single album, nay, song is nothing short of brilliant. Of course, this might overwhelm the listener for the first few listens, but once you’ve grown accustomed to what the band does, you’ll be all the more engrossed in it.”

SundrThe Canvas Sea (7/10): “‘Sundr’ is an Old Norse word meaning “apart,” “isolated,” or “alone” depending on the context. That fits the sound of [this album] for sure, in that it is not for everybody. People who like atmospheric sludge will go for all out for this album. It will leave others flat.”

Steven Wilson  – To The Bone (8/10): “[This album] is another interesting, profound and surprising output by one of the most interesting characters in modern prog. While some people won’t be happy with the more poppy sound and the greater focus on individual songs, as opposed of an in-depth conceptual meaning (which is still there though), others will embrace Steven Wilson‘s flick on a much lighter, happier sound while delivering some of the heaviest tunes of his career.”

DVNEAsheran (10/10): “Objectively, some might say that the songs can be repetitive and drone-y on first listen, but like with many albums in this genre, you have to be patient and unlock all their secrets to truly understand [them]…Go and pick this up from their Bandcamp and be amazed.”

Wage WarDeadweight (7.5/10): “[They] managed to come through with an album that’s got satisfying metal performances with crowd-pleasing sensibilities. While the band has definitely left room for improvement, I have high hopes that they can up the ante in the future if they push themselves hard enough.”

LeprousMalina (9/10): “What a record!”

CityCopThe Same Stories that Never Get Old (8.5/10): “Fans of CityCop can rest assured that [this album] is another consistent release for the band. Even though most of their experiments don’t end well on this album, they still manage to maintain their charming sound. And for what it’s worth, I have to hand it to the band for continuing to take risks after six years. This is a very well-written, well-performed, and well-recorded album that will be a highlight in their discography for years to come.”

The Crooked SoundLotus-Eaters (8/10): “The Crooked Sound‘s debut, a technical, emotional, and high-energy EP, both promises great things and is a great listen itself. Keep an eye on this band.”

As Seen On It Djents

Architects, Fit For An Autopsy, and While She Sleeps came to Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, and you can check out Rodney’s thoughts on that show here. Sikth may have released a new album recently, but to many, Death of a Dead Day remains as on of their most important releases. This edition of ASIR has Inter, Valentin, and Jake talking about the album’s impact on them and music in general. If you’re looking for some new summer jams, then Carbon Based Lifeforms have you covered with their favourite summer records!

Author’s Thoughts: New Mastodon? Sign me up! I really enjoyed Emperor of Sand, and if I don’t have to wait two plus years for more, I’ll be happy. Since it was originally planned as a solo album, I am worried that it won’t be quite as good, but what can you do. Iron Maiden comics were something I wasn’t expecting either. I imagine they’ll be utter fan service with little substance, but isn’t that exactly what you’d want from this sort of thing? They can go neatly beside the Coheed comics on your shelf. Definitely check out the new podcast episode this week, which doubles as our review of the new Steven Wilson record. I’m not on it, but you will catch me on the next episode where we talk about what ‘prog’ is today (that’s a bit of a spoiler honestly, but since most people don’t read this far, consider it a bonus for you). Also, there will be some big changes coming to the weekly article in the coming weeks, so be excited for that too. Until next time!

Question of the Week: ‘How long is a reasonable amount of time to take between releasing new records?’ Stay tuned to It Djents or follow us on Facebook/Twitter for more news on all things metal, prog, and more!

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