NEWS: Versus The Ghost Release “We Don’t Belong Here”

The european post rock trio Versus the Ghost are less than a year off their debut self titled release (you can learn more about it here), but that isn’t stopping the group from pushing forward in making new music. Starting off the year strong, the band returns with their own blend of gentle, cinematic soundscapes. Take a listen to “We Don’t Belong Here” below:

The track boasts a staggering 16 minutes of music, their longest song to date. It’s moving and evocative in all the ways we’ve come to appreciate from the band, and despite the long runtime, is still very approachable in style. Quiet reprieves and build-ups lead to catchartic ebbs that remain satisfying the whole way through. While this track stands alone as a release, Versus the Ghost are currently working on new material. As guitarist Nick puts it: ‘Our first album was a way for us to find our ground and we feel it was a pretty solid starting point, but we put up a lot of creative boundaries. Now, we are constantly busy writing new material for a second release in the near future and have kicked a lot of those boundaries down. It will be different and a bit darker. We are really excited to share it.

You can snag their new track at Bandcamp on a ‘pay-what-you-like’ basis, but you can also find it on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. You can also get the entirety of their debut album for free right here. Be sure to support the band through their Facebook page to keep up to date on future news and releases!

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