NEWS: Volumes Release “Left For Dead”

Los Angeles’s eclectic metalcore sextet Volumes released a new video for a song called “Left For Dead” on April 20, 2017.

The song is the third preview video for the upcoming June 9, 2017 release of Volumes’ third album, Different Animals. “Left For Dead” departs significantly from the rap metal of “On Her Mind” and the shoegazey emo of “Feels Good,” but it does not depart from the sound of 2014’s No Sleep album. No, “Left For Dead” could have been titled “Left For Deathcore” and it would have suited the song (and the fans) just fine.

While it clocks in under the three-minute mark, “Left For Dead” should put fans’ concerns to rest somewhat. Volumes invited heaps of scorn for the “On Her Mind” video because it had the worst clichés of hip-hop videos and also for it being a wretched song (So far, only one band can mix djent and hip-hop and their name is Hacktivist). With this year’s social media backlash against Suicide Silence for issuing a less-than-excellently-executed ode to nu metal, “Left For Dead” shows Volumes as aware of their artistic center, of what they do best, namely putting their heads down and slamming hard.

Pre-orders for Different Animals are available at Volumes’s web site and their merch pageDigital copies and bundles are both available. You can also follow Volumes on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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