NEWS: Vuur Release Video for “My Champion – Berlin”

Just three months after revealing what Vuur sounds like with a killer track, the Anneke Van Giersbergen progressive metal vehicle follows up with another song, this time a long and proggy one.

Watch the video for “My Champion – Berlin” below:

“My Champion – Berlin” qualifies for the “Epic Rocking” trope by virtue of its seven-minute length alone, but there’s more. Its intro goes from percussive to melodic to groovy in under a minute, even before Anneke Van Giersbergen sings her first note. So much happens that one could be forgiven for failing to notice the 54 seconds that pass before she starts to sing. Yet, it will be the opening song on Vuur’s debut album.

Like in the “Days Go By – London” song linked to above, The Gathering’s former singer uses a lot of vibrato in this song. It would be safe to predict she adopted this style as her signature calling card for the Vuur album (to be entitled In This Moment We Are Free – Cities, scheduled for release on October 20, 2017).

While “My Champion – Berlin” appears to have been written around Anneke Van Giersbergen’s undeniable vocal virtuosity, another key influence on Vuur makes its presence known at the two-minute mark: Devin Townsend. Many readers will be most familiar with her many duets with Devi. That she chose to take songwriting and melodic cues from him comes as a most pleasant surprise. And no, Anneke Van Giersbergen is not holding that guitar for show or pretending to play it. She actually knows how. People who are more familiar with her solo work (which included music for children) might have already known this, but her playing it on a Vuur song is a most welcome revelation.

October 20 seems all too far away after hearing this. In This Moment We Are Free – Cities might turn out to be 2017’s best debut album. Given the time between now and then, we can expect at least one more teaser video from Vuur before the release date. The album is available for both digital and physical pre-order. Vuur have a web site, a Facebook page, as well as accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Vuur can be streamed through Spotify.

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